Effective Chimney Flashing, Chimney Relining, & Chimney Liner Repair

Chimney Services Racine, Franklin, & Surrounding Areas

Make your chimney perfectly safe for you and your family with our chimney flashing and chimney liner repair services.

Chimney Relining Service

At Midwest Chimney Service in Racine, Wisconsin, we offer detailed chimney relining and chimney liner repair. This is a flex liner that goes down the chimney, and it can be stainless steel. We only install chimney liners for LP and Natural Gas chimneys.

Chimney Flashing and Chimney Water Leak Repair

At Midwest Chimney Service, we provide chimney flashing service when you put on a new roof or for your existing roof and need chimney water leak repair. Chimney flashing prevents water from leaking in where the chimney and roof meet. To prevent chimney water leaking we replace the aluminum around the base of the chimney. The aluminum is colored to match your existing chimney.

Contact Midwest Chimney Service in Racine, Wisconsin, to keep your chimney from deteriorating with our outstanding chimney flashing and chimney relining service. Chimney repair Racine, Franklin, Kenosha, and surrounding areas.
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